Events at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion

The Governor’s Mansion offers a pleasant setting for hosting teas, luncheons, and general receptions. Events may be requested online by completing an event request application available at All events must be planned according to specific event formats and menus provided on the website.

Due to the limited capacity of the residence, the number of guests permitted varies depending on whether you are hosting a reception, a seated meal or a tea.

Please note that because of the volume of requests that are received for events, the Governor’s Mansion is not available for weddings, wedding receptions or fundraisers. Also, due to the high volume of tours from February through May, there is limited availability for any public events during these months.

Event Fees

Rates for use of the Governor’s Mansion are based on the number of invited guests and whether or not the request is from a non-profit organization, a business organization, or for personal use. The basic fee includes use of the first floor and use of the standard glassware, plates, flatware, banquet tables and chairs, and on-site events coordinator. Labor fees, as well as any other optional miscellaneous fees, are in addition to the basic fee.

Maximum Capacity

Final guest list and menu selections are due one week prior to the scheduled event. Only those individuals on the final guest list will be allowed to attend the event. Given the limited capacity of the residence, the number of guests permitted varies depending on whether you are hosting a reception, a seated meal or a tea.

  • Reception: 150 guests
  • Seated Meal: 72 guests
  • Tea: 150 guests

Hours of Operation

Events are scheduled for two hours each, with additional charges assessed for events exceeding two hours in length. The duration of an event must be confirmed in advance with the Mansion Director.

Preparation for Event

On the day of your event, the designated contact person for your group must arrive at the Governor’s Mansion 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event time. The contact person will report to the Mansion Director to ensure that the event will begin on a timely manner.

Decorations and Entertainment

The Governor’s Mansion provides an elegant setting for any occasion. For musical entertainment, a pianist may be arranged upon your advance request to perform festive music for your event.

Media and Press

The media and members of the press are allowed at events, given that advance notice is provided and approved by the Mansion Director at least one week prior to the event.

Video and audio recordings that have not been previously approved are not allowed at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion.

The Governor’s Mansion staff does not handle scheduling for the Governor and First Lady. To request an appearance, the links are found on the  Request an Appearance page.

Refunds and Cancellations

If your party cancels your event after the usage fee has been paid, then the usage fee is forfeited.

Any costs incurred by the Mansion within the 30 days prior to the scheduled event will be assessed against the requesting event host. Please note that the Mansion Director reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event at any time if the need arises.